Brothers of the Wheel Motorcycle Club

Anderson Indiana - Established in 1972

What We Are About

Who we are
The BROTHERS OF THE WHEEL Motorcycle Club was organized in the summer of 1972 by individuals primarily GM employees who shared the same hobby and love of motorcycle riding. The club has grown from its initial 8 to 10 members to over 100 most of whom do not like to frequent bars and night clubs.The BROTHERS OF THE WHEEL Motorcycle Club currently has one chapter which is located in Anderson, IN and is not affiliated with any other club using the same.

Our Membership

The membership is diverse and is currently open to new members who are upstanding individual regardless of race, creed, or religion, who wishes to share in our goals, fun, and travel. As an organization we continue to promote safe riding practices and participation in functions throughout the city of Anderson Indiana, the sate, and in organizations that will teach safe riding practices to new riders (such as Abate of Indiana).

Our Image

Locally the Brothers of the Wheel Motorcycle Club has worked very hard to promote a good image , reputation and dispel the TV / movie image that motorcycle clubs are portrayed. We understand that motorcycle gangs do exist and most are proud of that image, WE ARE NOT ONE OF THEM.

Our Participation

The club participates in several community functions such as the city wide clean up, Christmas toy give away, church socials, and the Anderson Expo. We also have participated in organized rides for charities and fund raisers such as cancer, leukemia, Patriot Ride for victims of the World Trade Center disaster, and the list go on. We want the citizens of Anderson, IN to be able to say we are proud of them and what the stand for.

Our Location

Our clubhouse is private to our club member, our family, personal friends and members of any motorcycle club.


The BROTHERS OF THE WHEEL Motorcycle Club is located at

2040 Raible Ave

Anderson, In 46011